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Publisher: Website and apps for finding gluten free restaurants, pizza, bakeries, grocers, caterers, travel and more by State
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Gluten Free Registry™ is the leading free moderated database of gluten-free friendly restaurants, bakeries, caterers, chefs and grocers. It was created to help put people and gluten-free friendly business together. So far over 1.4 million people have used the website and/or apps.

Since their website launched the database has grown to over 33,100+ business locations in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. More business submissions are received every day.

Their database is accessible on the road using their iPhone and iPad apps (http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/gluten-free-registry-llc/id402360751). Their Android app was recently launched (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glutenfreeregistry.gfregistry&feature=search_result).

In addition to the business registries, the site includes reviews and ratings about the business locations by the gluten-free community. This community driven feedback, both positive and negative, provides a more complete picture of the gluten-free experience at the business location. Gluten Free Registry™ also offers an Events Calendar, a Resources page, an online store and more.

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    gluten free registry
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    P.O. Box 17703 Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 United States of America
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    Publisher: Website and apps for finding gluten free restaurants, pizza, bakeries, grocers, caterers, travel and more by State
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    Gluten Free Registry™ started out as a collection of website links of gluten-free friendly restaurants for our own personal use. As that collection grew we thought it would be good to share that information on the Internet. Since then our database has grown to over 35,400+ business locations around the world! During that time we've added an interactive map, community driven reviews and ratings, an events calendar, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android apps. We've also spent thousands and thousands of dollars creating our LLC, getting trademarks, web hosting, etc. We ended up having to register over 30 domain names due cyber squatters. Our site is a free resource for people to find gluten-free friendly businesses. No membership or pesky login is required to use our site (and we plan to keep it that way). Our site depends on revenues from advertising, iPhone and Android app sales, and general store sales.<br /> <br /> Going forward we will continue to develop our site, expand our database, and provide more innovative ways to share our information. We also want to increase awareness in the medical community, at restaurants, and for those that may not yet be diagnosed.
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