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Heathers Treasure is a Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle blog for Budget Beauties and Frugal Fashionista's.

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    Publisher: A Beauty/Lifestyle blog
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    Sponsorship/Advertising Sponsorships/Advertising I am a PR Friendly blog, and offer honest product reviews for free. You can either use the form below by Clicking here. There are also many sponsored post opportunities, advertising space, and other services I provide to brands, small companies, and start ups! Please remember that Heathers Treasure is a budget-friendly beauty blog, as a Makeup artist, I look at the quality of the products. And as a costumer, I am always looking for products that are “wallet- friendly”. Those are the kinds of products that I promote and highly recommend to my friends, family, and readers. heart_border Product Reviews: Most of my product reviews are products that I have purchased myself. Whether I personally purchased them or the product was sent to me for review, I always provide my honest opinion. I will only review products that I feel my readers (and myself) would enjoy. To be featured on Heathers Treasure, it must relate to beauty and/or fashion. Posts on products sent to me by companies for free, will be clearly stated. Advertisements: I love helping others promote their website, products, services and companies! Of course, I only will only provide these opportunities, as long as they are great quality and are relevant to the contents of my Blog (Anything related to Beauty,fashion, and even health). I have limited space available on my blog dedicated for specific ad’s. Price varies depending on other ad agreements (Ex: Promoting on Social media, writing a post,etc), please email me to discuss this further at Contact[at]HeathersTreasure.com. Thank you! Other Bloggers: If you are a Beauty/Fashion related blog, interested in promoting on Heathers Treasure, Contact me by clicking here! I am open to promoting your blog for free,as long as it’s a cross promotion. We can discuss this further by email, I am open to anything! One option is by displaying each others blog button/ad for 2-4 weeks, and take it from there! I hope to hear from you! Affiliate links: Some links in this blog are affiliate links. All this means is if you click on one of them and make a purchase, I will receive a few cents of that sale. This is no cost to you (except the money you are spending on the product, which goes directly to Amazon). I’m only linking to products that I actually use and recommend. Especially the products that I use in my tutorials. Clicking on any of these links is completely up to you, it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t. I’d be very grateful if you do as well. Any money that is made through this blog, goes directly towards my medical expenses. (Click here if you’re interested in more information regarding my medical situation) Please, note that I’m not responsible for anything else in connection to your purchase. At this time I’m using Amazon Affiliates and Rakuten linkshare. heart_border Sponsor: Studio One “Life and Beauty” Some of my blogs content is provided by “Life & Beauty Weekly”, which is sponsored by Head & Shoulders. These posts are clearly marked on the top of the post. The content is created by experts at Studio One. Although this is a sponsored post, ALL content is written by experts who are featured in very well known publications. The information published on this program is produced independently by Studio One Networks or has been approved by the program’s managing editor after review. Content is written and edited by leading experts to ensure that only the most accurate information is published. Studio One Networks follows accepted journalistic quality standards and principles in source selection and fact verification, and endorses ASME’s “ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers,” including “Best Practices for Digital Media.” Any questions about the content can be forwarded to partnerships@studioone.com. I do NOT receive any compensation for these posts. Read more: About Us heart_border Please email me if you’re interested in Sponsorships, Advertising, Product reviews, and/or anything else you’d like to discuss at Contact[at]HeathersTreasure.com. Thank you so much!
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