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Affiliate Network: Our goal is to deliver superior results to our marketing partners through the optimization and distribution of performance-based marketing offers
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The iCommissions.com affiliate marketing network is a leader in providing top-rated credit card affiliate programs and financial services to online affiliate marketers. In working with advertisers to develop and test quality credit-related offers such as credit cards, pre-paid cards, auto-financing offers and personal loans, iCommissions.com has created a marketplace filled with low risks and high rewards for the advertiser and affiliate marketer alike.

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    Affiliate Network: Our goal is to deliver superior results to our marketing partners through the optimization and distribution of performance-based marketing offers
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    Target Your Audience Through Multiple Platforms & Technologies! There is a reason why leading brands and well established direct markets come to iCommissions first when they are contemplating creating a direct marketing program online. We have found a unique niche for ourselves. We have differentiated ourselves form affiliate networks, as well as online ad agencies. Our Unique Skill Set We have the unique ability to create or re-create a marketing offer so that it may yield the desired results our marketing partners need. To obtain these desired results for our marketing partners we will examine their present customer acquisition model as well as their current consumer offering. We will then design highly responsive email, pop-up, pop-under, and-or banner creative, as well as optimize the online sales process to increase the rate of conversion of the product or subscription service our marketing partner is selling. iCommissions also creates a technology solution for our partners so that each transaction can be directly placed into our marketing partners outbound call center, credit card and shipping system, or direct billing system (i.e.. Local Exchange Carrier billing based on NPA- NXX functional home telephone), sms billed marketing programs billing and marketing platforms We then have the ability to provide detailed reporting of each transaction, as well as pin point how that transaction occurred (what exact website, what type of banner, email creative or pop up) a consumer responded to in order to create the specific transaction. We service marketing companies who are in search of targeted leads for their call centers, new customers for a subscription based service (i.e. wireless cell phone service, or long distance service), banks looking to acquire new customer for a secured debit card product or marketers attempting to sell a tangible product that is delivered to a consumer via a mail service. collected, advertisers may receive leads in a wide variety of formats, including real-time transfer into their lead management system.
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