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Publisher: Jacksonville Wine Guide - Part of the Blog your wine community
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    Publisher: Jacksonville Wine Guide - Part of the Blog your wine community
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    Social Media Support for Wineries What is Blog Your Wine social media support? With Blog Your Wine social support, focus is placed on engaging the wine buying public with authentic* messaging to fuel your social media success. To do it right takes time and skill, and there’s no substitute for either one. Essentially I will act as an administrator over your social media platforms; continuously building and optimizing the accounts, posting original content, and engaging consumers in meaningful and authentic dialogue. Why should I use this service? -Because you don’t have time to constantly maintain and monitor your social media presence. -Interns or office assistants may be inexpensive, but are ineffective; and most wineries simply can’t afford a dedicated full-time social media manager. - Very few PR agencies or social media consultants have practical experience at a “ground level” in the wine industry. My experience stems from 15+ years in the food and beverage industry, as well as being a Certified Sommelier (CoMS) and Specialist of Wine (SoWE). - The program creates online buzz, driving potential sales and cultivating ambassadors. - I’ve personally already made the connections within the social media community, and built my own following. - It compliments your featured week on BlogYourWine.com (if applicable). - Similar services are 2x – 3x more expensive, and are no more effective. What do I receive in the program? ~Initially~ - Assessment made of the style and tone your social media “voice” will take. - Evaluate proposed social media channels, target demographic, and fan base. - Build / restructure pages, adjusting settings to optimize performance, and taking into consideration the style and tone of the brand. - Work towards building a community around your brand.** - Integration of ecommerce wine sales into your social media channels (where feasible). - Upon completion, a report on initial setup and progress will be made. ~Continually~ - Full control maintained of social media accounts and associated content. - Frequent posts and content*** reflecting the assessed style and tone of your brand. - Monitoring mention of your brand online, and responding accordingly. - Social media ads effectiveness monitored and optimized to increase visibility and brand awareness.** - 24/7 comment response, moderation, and spam control; ensuring all messages are responded to in a timely manner. - Winery competitions and prize giveaways to increase engagement. - Monthly report providing feedback on progress and engagements. - Open communication and social media / web consultation. - Full confidentiality. Pricing Available on request, determined by level of involvement, hours worked, and length of contract. Email me at kris@blogyourwine.com or call 904-472-1727. *The vast majority of social media firms are using automation software to manage accounts on Facebook and Twitter etc. I don’t. It’s not social. **Advertising budget not included, and provided as required. Strongly recommended. *** Frequency will range from multiple daily posts to a minimum of every 3 days.
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Kris Chislett
(office) 904-701-WINE (9463)
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