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    Since 2009 JacquelineLuxe.com has been featuring the best in Beauty Brands, Spas, Lifestyle and Luxury companies. Join and be part of our exclusive sponsored features, where you can find an international and loyal audience here at JacquelineLuxe.com. We have exceptionally written and exciting advertising features. As well as promotional opportunities that are custom made for you. And serve to get your company seen and delivered. From the lists shown, please review our current advertising programs available. We look forward to serving you! And featuring the best in beauty, spas and luxury from around the world. Advertising Opportunities Advertorial Program Our advertorial program offers the best and most exceptional content effort for your brand. The campaign offers gorgeous layouts, brilliantly written content and brand affirmation. Sponsored Post Program When you have a brand or product that needs a specialized form of promoting that includes great content for a special event, a custom post gets the message delivered. Brand Sponsorship Program Brand Sponsorships are high impact campaigns that promote a very specific delivery on your product or brand. This includes a powerful advertisement that is published in a image post format and clearly stated as sponsored. Brand Advocate Program Best for Beauty Clientele Upon the launch of a product, our expert panel will create a promotion surrounding a review. And deliver exceptional tried and tested delivery to our audience. Beautiful images, professional opinion and content get the campaign delivered. Sponsored Giveaway Partnership If you wish to run a sponsored giveaway, please contact us direct to have this particular campaign promoted for you. The featured post can be written in any of the above sponsored formats. (Terms and conditions apply). Social Media JacquelineLuxe.com is proud to feature social media shout outs on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram pages. Contact us direct for more details. Banner Advertisements JacquelineLuxe.com can offer clients the opportunity to feature their own rotating or stationary banner advertisement in the sizes shown in the featured chart. This click through advertisement is displayed on our side bar and is seen on every single page impression. Banner advertisements are subject to eligibility terms and approval before being published. Demographics and Viewership Information JacquelineLuxe.com has been a U.S. publisher since 2009. And as an affiliated "top six" beauty and luxury publisher with Glam Media. JacquelineLuxe.com gets the best outreach, and leverages within the networks 298 million monthly global reach. With over 200,000 page impressions per month and over 100,000 international readers. JacquelineLuxe.com is part of the best analytical systems including ComScore and Quantcast. Monthly Page Views: 255K+ Monthly Visitors: 110K+ JacquelineLuxe.com has a healthy domestic and international outreach and is seen in over 80 countries, as well as 300 international cities. Top Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, China, Brazil. Top International Cities: New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, Athens, Madrid, Brussels, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Alexandria, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Seattle, Sao Paulo, Rome, Istanbul, San Francisco, Prague, Bangkok, Austin, Budapest, Bristol, Dublin, Cape Town, Seoul, New Delhi, Singapore, Helsinki, Brasilia. Audience Information: 80% Female, 20% Male. Age range; 21-24/25-34/35-44 and are college educated. Salary average median;50K-100K. Contact Us Brand Marketing . Communications . Digital Media For Advertising Features & Rates • Advertorials • Sponsored Posts • Brand Advocate Program • Giveaways • Banner Advertisements Please contact our Advertising Division direct: Advertise@jacquelineluxe.com Please contact our Marketing Division direct: Marketing@jacquelineluxe.com. For Media Relations • Editorials • Press Releases • Interviews • Media Driven Stories • Television Appearances • International News • Spokesperson Please contact Jacqueline Hudson: Jacquelineh@jacquelineluxe.com
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