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    Jerome Castaneda is a Filipino working as a CAD Engineer in Singapore since April 2007. During his initial stages at work, he experienced very tough challenges at work specially working with different diverse culture with different mindset and attitudes. His frustrations at work prompted him to seek personal development by attending seminars after seminars, reading books and meeting new friends with positive mindsets. His belief was reinforced when he started reading the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne as suggested by his wife Helen thru a friend. From then on it became a journey and commitment to a never ending personal development. Now, Jerome created his world and he is full of hope and opportunities. Jerome is very, very thankful to his colleagues, friends and his invisible mastermind gurus from his UI (University of IPod – collection of audio books) and of course from his family (source of inspiration and hope) and above all, God (the source of all wisdom). Jerome envisioned to inspire others to become better every day, to love as God loves us, to live the healthiest life, to learn as much as can be and leave a lasting legacy. Also, please check his top five (5) strengths. Attended Seminars/Workshops 1039071159.301.126614483 About T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive November 2008 Singapore Expo Fabian Lim’s Internet Marketing Bootcamp, March 2009 at Singapore Management University Asia Internet Congress October 2009 Suntec City – Sales Team Member http://bit.ly/AICmember Fabian Lim’s Advanced Coaching Program December 2009 Singapore Management University Anthony Robbins Unleashed the Power Within September 2009 Singapore Expo Personal Excellence and Growth Meetup Group Member, North Bridge Center 2009-2010 (here’s an idea what is PEG http://bit.ly/PEGoals) Couples for Christ – Family for Life (Singapore) Community member Christian Life Seminar speaker (check more about the community at http://bit.ly/9HKojQ ) Fabian Lim’s Real Internet Secrets Workshop Mentor http://bit.ly/RISmentor, Simon Leung’s Google Insider System Mentorship Program student case study http://bit.ly/GISmentorship If you need help click HERE to contact me Social Networking
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