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Publisher: Kettle | The best student writing on the net
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    Publisher: Kettle | The best student writing on the net
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    About Us Kettle exists to provide students who have a flair for writing, a platform in which to publish their work. Whether you are considering a career in media or you just fancy yourself as a bit of a writer then this is the place for you. Updated daily, it delivers funny, entertaining and informative content in a fresh, modern and exciting style. Clever and irreverent with masses of reader interaction, it will be a welcome distraction from lectures and cash machine refusals. Packed with videos and big name interviews Kettle delivers a daily fix of what’s essential in every student’s life: Music, Fashion, Festivals, Comedy, Celebrity interviews, Film/TV, Games, Computers/gadgets, Social Media, Food, Travel Focusing on all aspects of the best three years of your life, we’ll also bring you up to date, useful advice and lively debate on the big issues from exams and drugs, to sex, drinking and careers. With a massive input from students, every viewpoint no matter how controversial will be in Kettle's manifesto. Want to get involved?
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