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Publisher: LA Jazz - A guide to Jazz Events, Musicians, and Venues in Southern California
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    Publisher: LA Jazz - A guide to Jazz Events, Musicians, and Venues in Southern California
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    Advertise on LAjazz.com The number one source for live jazz events in the greater Los Angeles area How do southern California jazz fans find out about who's playing live jazz in their neighborhoods? Where do they go to read local news about southern California jazz events, jazz musicians and jazz education? Where do working jazz musicians go to list their gigs for free, and to find out what's happening in the southern California jazz scene? And where is the best place to advertise to southern California jazz fans and jazz musicians? There is one simple answer to all of these questions: LAjazz.com -- southern California's only online community-supported guide to jazz events, jazz musicians and jazz venues. Online since 2004, LAjazz.com has steadily grown its events database to the point that it is clearly the number one source for live jazz events in the greater Los Angeles area. Our site gets over 140,000 page views per month, roughly 20 percent from smartphones. Our community of repeat website visitors is over 17,000 and growing! Destination ads present approx. 140,000 impressions per month and typically receive over 300 click-thrus per month. That's over 300 southern California jazz fans looking for live entertainment and being sent to your website to find out more -- all for the cost of about 33 cents per click-thru! Visitors to LAjazz.com are your kind of customers. They come to our website seeking local live jazz entertainment, where they can easily spend $50, $100, $200 in one evening to satisfy their taste for fine jazz. If you are a jazz club owner, venue manager, promoter, jazz musician or jazz recording company, these are your people -- the ones who want to listen to the music you provide! Or, if you sell products or services to jazz musicians, LAjazz.com is the place to reach the best jazz musicians in the LA area. Support LAjazz.com and begin tapping into the customer-generating potential of this great community website. For questions, or to place your advertising order, call (213) 863-4710, or email: Ads@LAjazz.com. All checks should be made out to LAjazz.com and mailed to 4237 Inglewood Blvd. Suite 204 Los Angeles, CA 90066. We also accept major credit cards. Explore Our Advertising Opportunities
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