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FindLaw.com - the most visited legal site on the Internet - provides intelligent information and resources for legal professionals and consumers. It is consistently in the top 100 of most popular directory/resource sites on the web and ranked as one of the top 1,000 properties by ComScore*. FindLaw receives dozens of accolades each year and is a preferred legal resource to global news organizations, professional websites, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and bloggers.

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    FindLaw.com Lawyer Directory The most powerful online directory for lawyer profiles and attorney advertising The FindLaw Lawyer Directory is part of FindLaw.com, the Web’s most-visited legal destination. With 1.5 million visits per month, the Lawyer Directory offers law firms a broad range of opportunities to get in front of a highly motivated audience of potential clients. Contact the law firm internet marketing experts at FindLaw today to get a custom marketing solution. Visitors to the FindLaw Lawyer Directory are actively searching for lawyers. All visitors have already taken action to look for an attorney, making them very likely to hire one. In fact, visitors referred from FindLaw.com are two times more likely to contact a firm than visitors referred by Google. Your law firm benefits by targeting these ideal clients and leveraging the broad reach of FindLaw.com: FindLaw.com receives 5.5 million monthly visits from people looking for legal information and assistance 1.5 million prospective clients from FindLaw.com contacted attorneys in 2012 FindLaw maintains more than 50 legal blogs that receive 3 million annual visits and produce 10,000 new blog posts per year FindLaw has 100,000 cumulative followers and connections on social media with almost 10,000 monthly mentions Given the popularity and reach of FindLaw, it’s no wonder we are the leader in attorney advertising solutions online. Contact FindLaw today to learn how we can grow your law firm’s business. - See more at: http://www.lawyermarketing.com/services/findlaw-com-directory/#sthash.9OTpnrni.dpuf
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