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Publisher: Legal briefings, law updates, legal reports, law firms | Legal Week Law
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    Publisher: Legal briefings, law updates, legal reports, law firms | Legal Week Law
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    Legal Week Law is an extensive digital library of legal briefings for in-house and private practice lawyers with over 21,500 registered subscribers. It provides Legal Week’s large and growing readership of company lawyers with a free and easy-to-use digital library in excess of 4,500 legal briefings, many of which are provided by the world’s leading law firms and companies. Firms and companies using Legal Week Law to disseminate their briefings will be able to demonstrate their expertise in a chosen practice area, sector or jurisdiction and will also be able to view which registered users have been downloading their briefings. The best of the briefings will appear in the latest and most popular briefings sections, as editor’s picks and via feeds to social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. A user rating system allows users to recommend briefings that they have found most useful to their peers. Firms and companies may also have their briefings delivered via email alerts, which are tailored by the user to alert them whenever there is an update within the practice areas that interests them. To find out more about advertising with us email sales@legalweeklaw.com or contact Preya Shah on 0207 316 9199
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