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Publisher: LEHSYS - Sharing technology information that you find useful…
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    Publisher: LEHSYS - Sharing technology information that you find useful…
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    I’ve never been content with saying, ok, I press this button and this happens; I want to know what goes into making ‘that happen’. I would like to know what’s going on behind the scenes… I’m a person that’s inquisitive about everything technology, but not limited to. I like noticing all the small things. I like knowing how thing works and how they affect others. The fun part seems to be in watching the trends and seeing how it’s all going to [possibly] come together. But once it’s put together, I like explaining it and sharing it with others. I try to help others anytime I can and if you’d like to contact me, please feel free to do so. I’ve a military [USMC] background and also a Customer Support Director. I did installations of imaging systems all over the mid-west, for financial institutions. I installed, did training and support of the computer systems. I worked with everything from making network cables, to firewalls, software issues and working closely with the programmers of the software. I’m still in the document imaging arena, but now as a project manager to guide customers installations. Advertise with LEHSYS LEHSYS is a techonology website/blog focusing on new and current technology, hardware, software, social networking, blogs and how to’s. The bulk of LEHSYS content is driven to the user/consumer, not so much directly to corporations. LEHSYS allows for allows for advertising with various ads [text and graphical], to be placed in this site’s sidebar for a means of supporting the site and maintaining the content. Advertising Options… Banners/Box [300x250] are for the sidebar only. A single ad can be placed on the side bar. Rates are applied by ad size and run time— contact me. But we’re open to other options, e-mail me if you’d like to talk about it. Graphical Adverts [125 x 125] LEHSYS is now offering 125 x 125 graphical adverts on the site, in the top-right sidebar of the site for the best reader exposure. The adverts are offered on a monthly basis. If you are interested in submitting an advert to LEHSYS, please send the advert image to my e-mail address [napoleonag.tss [at] gmail [dot] com] for approval with the link you have a need to use. Upon approval, payment can be issued via PayPal.
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