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    One passenger said of Ryanair Magazine: “I was so impressed with the quality. Normally the thought of reading airline based literature compares to pulling out your own teeth, painful doesn’t quite sum it up. However, with Ryanair Magazine, I thought the articles were well written, the design spot on, and all for the same price as a smile from a surly flight attendant.” It’s that sort of comment that absolutely sums up what Ryanair Magazine is all about, a publication providing detailed, different and informative travel stories and information including interviews, reviews, destination guides and much more, all backed up by stunning photography and design – keeping passengers engaged from the start to the finish of their flights and providing a captive and quality medium for advertisers to promote their products. See the website at www.ryanairmag.com for more! The Readership: Ryanair Magazine has more ABC1s than the Evening Standard, The Express, The Guardian, The Independent, The Times and The Telegraph and reaches 5million plus captive reader per issue. In the 12 months up to 31 October 2008 Ryanair carried a total of 56.8 million passengers. Ryanair passsengers take an average of 2 holidays per year, a total of 2.2 billion a year and are a highly intelligent and upwardly mobile audience. . YOU CAN REACH UP TO 84 MILLION PASSENGERS PER YEAR BY ADVERTISING IN RYANAIR’S LET’S GO MAGAZINE To find out how, contact our sales team; fill out the form.
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