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    Hi! Once your eyes adjust to the fact that I’ve got some sort of Russian nesting doll thing going on with my picture on this page, I’d love to tell you about myself. A playwright, freelance writer, former nanny, and Mom in Chicago, I blog about my money pit of a home, extraordinarily tolerant husband, and my three kids (who are comprised largely of sunbeams, stickers, and peanut butter). There’s awesome stuff we do around town, frequent theatre reviews, and- every so often- there’s a newspaper circular which just begs to be dissected and examined. Here’s the crew: Jasper (or J-Money. Okay, we really don’t have a nickname for him yet) …joined our family in December of 2013. Daddy’s little tax deduction! The third kiddo in the trilogy we like to call Why Is It So Loud In Here, Jasper’s our sweet little Roo and an amazingly easygoing guy. He’d kinda have to be, what with his big sisters not letting him get an opinion in edgewise. Which brings us to… Susannah (or Zuzu) …was born in 2011. She’s a monkey, a gypsy, a comedienne, and a lovebug times a trillion. We’re pretty sure she’s Houdini reincarnated. And she’ll be the reason I need a pacemaker by 35. Nora (or N.J.) …is my firstborn, and made us parents in 2009. Although one of the smallest people ever created, she’s The. One. In. Charge. Likes: books, sugar, dancing with her Dad, fancy layers, and everyone staying home for the evening. Dislikes: repeated questions, sleeves, being hurried, and large group settings (where people ask things like “Are you still shy?”) P.J. (or Peej) …is the love of my life and the Hutch to my Starsky. (Or the Lacey to my Cagney.) He fears nothing [visibly]. One time he killed a rat with his bare hands. An actor, a computer whiz, a math nerd, and a music junkie, he keeps our castle standing tall n’ safe. (Even if he can’t get a word in edgewise.) My main posting days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. (It made sense at the time.) And even though I do reviews and sponsored content fairly frequently, I will never do so on those days*. Nope, those days are sacred and reserved for things like misheard lyrics, open letters wherein I weep at my children, and pictures of Zuzu wearing a Play Doh mustache. (*Unless a client insists on a M/W/F posting. Then, you’ll get multiple posts to read; one about a business or a product I dig, and at least one other one featuring the Play Doh mustache. Fear not.) I’m super glad you’re here.
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