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Publisher: Airport Parking | Free Coupons | FREE Reservations HERE
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LongTermParking.com is an air travelers' resource web site that will show you how to save up to 73% off your airport parking fees. In some cases that can be as much as your airfare.

Find free printable airport parking savings coupons and links to hotels offering free parking with a one night stay.

One of the most useful and money saving sites on the Internet!

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    Publisher: Airport Parking | Free Coupons | FREE Reservations HERE
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    This website is dedicated to the promotion of off-site U.S. airport parking. We have been bringing in new customers since 2001. Here is why a coupon on LongTermParking.com will bring you new loyal customers: From a reader poll published this Summer - Nationwide there has been a 28% rise in coupon use since 2008. Everybody's trying to make it on less money. There has been a 19% growth in online coupons in the first quarter of 2011. Made popular by Groupon, RetailMeNot etc. 88 million people will redeem an online coupon or code this year! (Get your share!) 43% of the heaviest coupon users are from households earning more than $70,000. (Your customer base? You bet!) LongTermParking.com is coupon driven. Our purpose is to present your services to new customers and compel them to give you a try with a coupon offer. You will quickly see the effectiveness of your advertising by how many coupons you redeem. No, we have not re-invented the wheel... but we are driving hard through the Internet to bring in more new customers!
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