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Publisher: Empowering minds, Inspiring hearts -MannaExpress Magazine
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    Publisher: Empowering minds, Inspiring hearts -MannaExpress Magazine
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    MannaEXPRESS is an informative faith-based magazine that reflects the demographics of heaven (all races) and addresses the practical as well as spiritual needs of people, ministries and businesses. It’s also a powerful tool for evangelism. The ultimate goal is to touch lives by planting and impacting messages of hope into their hearts through outstanding testimonies, sermons, prayers, everyday living, health and a powerful marketplace. MannaEXPRESS covers issues affecting everyday life and people from all backgrounds. With an expanding monthly readership we are continuously breaking new grounds. Tagline: Empowering minds, Encouraging Hearts Mission Statement: “MannaEXPRESS is a digital faith-based magazine dedicated to empowering minds and encouraging hearts to impact their culture for Christ by igniting a passion in others to change their world by extending faith, generosity, and hope.” Value/Impact Statement: MannaEXPRESS exists to impact this culture by providing a message of hope through publishing stories and content full of encouragement, empowerment, and purpose. Vision Statement: MannaEXPRESS desires to proclaim the message of God’s hope and saving grace to the ends of the earth by producing a quality digital magazine that impacts the culture through providing empowering and life-transforming content. Core Values: Accountability Service Compassion Faith Integrity Trustworthiness Diligence WHY ADVERTISE IN MANNAEXPRESS? To reach global customers Because your competition is advertising. You must advertise to keep your share of customers or lose them to the more aggressive competitors. It pays off over a long period. Advertisers who maintain or expand advertising over a five year period see their sales increase of 100% May God richly bless you!
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