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    My name is Marijan Sivric and I am a 27 years old Software Developer and Forex trader from Zagreb, Croatia. I am like most of the people who want to make money online. I have a 9-5 job and I absolutely love it, but I’m always looking for ways to make a living online. Few years ago, I heard about Forex and decided to spend some time to learn more about trading. I opened a DEMO account and, few weeks later, lost all my balance. I opened another DEMO account and lost again. I was very pissed off and I decided to quit Forex because I thought it’s just another SCAM. But one year ago (or little more), a friend of mine invited me to some kind of Forex course. It was free and I even received a real Forex account with $100. After I finished with the course, I traded with those $100 and earned another hundred bucks in less than an hour. Few days later, I received the earnings to my bank account. I realized that Forex is a great opportunity to make nice amounts of cash, but you have to know how. I also met a lot of people that trade Forex – most of them lose their money, but some of them make a lot of it because THEY KNOW HOW. Yes, I am still a beginner but I plan to be a professional Forex trader in next few years. My plan is to learn about Forex, practice trading and save money for my first REAL account. I will use this blog to share my knowledge and ideas with others. I will share my knowledge, give you links to various Forex related books and videos and show you how I trade…and I will NEVER give you something that’s not completely FREE. Here are the things that keep me occupied: A full time job as a Microsoft Business Solutions Developer Building and promoting this blog Increasing my income Forex trading When I’m not doing those things, I do the following: Watch movies (Equilibrium is my favorite) Spend some time with my friends, family and my girlfriend Read books (mostly about Forex trading) Hang out in a local bar I really hope you will enjoy this blog and learn something from what I’ve learned so far. Please feel free to leave your comment because I love to hear other people’s opinion. And one more thing, make sure you contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. To our success, MARIJAN SIVRIC
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