Facebook sPMD: A complete social platform for agencies and brands
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    Facebook sPMD: A complete social platform for agencies and brands
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    meedee8 ads is a Facebook advertising and analytics platform that provides your organisation with scalability, efficiency and results. Scalability meedee8 increases productivity by automating the manual campaign tasks with workflows for agencies and brands, allowing agencies to focus on creative and strategy. Agencies can scale with team management and workflow and accountability. Features Dashboard - your campaigns and their results Campaign manager – seamless and no clutter Team setup - functionality and account permissions Efficiency meedee8 will save you more than 50% of your time in creating complex campaigns in minutes. Features Advanced create flow – build multi variant and segment campaigns in minutes Forex management – build your campaign in South African Rands Budget management – no underspend/overspend or manual calculations Performance & Results meedee8 features a proprietary optimisation engine helping businesses achieve real business bottom line results. meedee8 has delivered the best results to clients in Africa, 4X-10X competitors. Features Auto optimisation - use proprietory rules engine or build your own Track full sales funnel – connect your offline base to Facebook and retarget your user Manage audiences - use built in audiences like LSM or build and manage your own Actionable Insights meedee8 offers powerful insights allowing brands to make informed decisions on creative and targeting. Insights are visual, relevant and track against your goals. Features Visual reporting – make informed decisions with relevant and visual reporting against your goals Creative analysis – deep insight on creative Export data – export your data to PDF and excel to analyse in your own way
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