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Momof6 is a go-to destination for unique and interesting content on organization, parenting, family fun and travel delivered through engaging posts, compelling images, and entertaining and informative videos. Momof6 is dedicated to helping Moms be prepared for their busy lives.

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    y name is Sharon Rowley, and I am the busy Mom of six children ages 13, 12, 10, 10, 8, and 8. I count myself as lucky to be married to the most amazing, handsome, brilliant, “Mr. Fix-It” man, and the world’s most incredible Dad ever… Steve! Our love story that blossomed into this big family…. Steve and I were married 12 years ago in his hometown of Romeo, Michigan (yes, I did say Romeo). A little over a year later- our first son Kyle was born… followed 16 months later by Spencer, and 16 months after that- we had Jack. We had three kids under the age of three- we were busy- and we were loving it. We knew in our hearts that we wanted to continue to expand our family- and we felt that adoption was the right choice for us. In December 2006, we traveled as a family to Guangzhou China to meet our daughter Lili Ann. We returned to China in March 2008 to adopt our daughter Charlotte, and again in February 2009 to bring home our son Alex. The start of Momof6…. During our trips overseas to adopt our three youngest children, I kept a travel blog each time, chronicling our journey so that our family and friends back home could share in our experience. I received so many comments on these blogs begging me to continue writing when I returned home. But life was far too busy to find the time each day to write! Until September 2010 when the perfect storm was created to finally bring me back to blogging. My youngest son was started attending a full-day preschool, and I learned about a video blogging opportunity with iVillage called iVoices- where real men and women report on issues important to them and their communities. I sent in my audition essay and video and was fortunate enough to be chosen as an iVoice! The time and inspiration soon followed to begin Momof6. So what do I blog about? Why being an organized Mom of 6 kids of course! There are two things that I am asked by people all of the time: “Are they all yours?” (uhh- yes) and “How do you do it?”. I tell than that my key to success lies in planning ahead. And by planning ahead I mean little things like laying out the next day’s clothes before bedtime, and packing up lunches and backpacks the night before school, to bigger things like planning how to pack for a family vacation. On this blog, I share all kinds of tips on: How to organize your family calendar and schedule How to prepare healthy family meals, on a budget. I am a huge fan of taking advantage of coupons and sale prices to build a pantry stockpile and save tons of money at the grocery store. How I run this household without the use of outside help such as housekeepers and babysitters- and how I actually get it all done! How to plan fun and inexpensive birthday parties for your kids that can make their special day truly magical. And how to plan a summer-full of fun crafts, activities, and outings for your family as an alternative to summer camp- around here we call it “Camp Rowley” A great place to get started is right at top of the page, under The Best of Momof6! I would love to connect with you: You can email me: sharon (at) momof6 (dot) com, find me on facebook at SharonMomof6 or find me on twitter: (at) sharonmomof6! Want to Work Together? You can read more about Momof6′s reach and opportunities for partnership on advertising campaigns and promotions here: Momof6 Media Kit.
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