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    It all started innocently enough with a single question. “What do you think of advertising and sponsorship on blogs?“ I had no idea what I was starting and where it would lead! It quickly became the most read and shared post on my blog – which was a modest blog about beginner sewing and learning to sew. Readers answered a poll and I published the results here – “My blog earnings update and Blog Money Making Download” And the response was astonishing with a LOT of readers downloading the notes and signing up for my ‘Blogging Advice Newsletter’. Looking back, it was a rather ambitious project. My blog had only started in Dec 2012 and by the first week of February 2013 I was offering blogging and money making advice to other bloggers ! Well, I was planning to share what I was learning, not setting myself up as an expert. So that we could all share in the success – and mock my failures! The mailing list for the newsletter grew as word got about and I decided in Feb 2013 to set up this separate website where I could share my ideas by way of a permanent record, rather than just in a mailing list. This way I hope to reach an even bigger audience and show all bloggers, old and new, young and old, male and female, whatever the subject of the blog – that earning money from your blog is not only possible – it’s fun!
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