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Publisher: Morocco Travel: Your Moroccan Guide for Things to Do, Hotels, Dining, Shopping, Events & more | By Morocco Channel
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This website was first launched in May 1995 and over the years, at the request of its visitors as well as members, Morocco.com has undergone a number of changes both to its design as well as its services and features. Since its inception, we have always aimed to meet the demands of our visitors while remaining dedicated to providing ongoing support and fulfilling member requests for access to information on subjects such as news, weather, travel, lifestyle, classifieds, culture, history, and entertainment.

More Recent Developments

In response to analyzing various market factors and listening to feedback received from its visitors and members, our development team has responded by facilitating the promotion of businesses engaged in the travel and hospitality industries in the country.

Morocco.com offers travelers and visitors with unsurpassed access to local establishments in the travel and hospitality business. By adding new features for consumers, Morocco.com is in the unique position of being able to better match the needs of visitors and local inhabitants with information and direct access to the inventory, products and services offered by Moroccan companies engaged in the travel, entertainment, hospitality, restaurant, and leisure business.

The results of our collective efforts can be found in the Morocco.com Travel Directory as well as through the City and Regional Travel Guides that we have specifically written for businesses that are looking for new opportunities to promote their businesses to many thousands of our daily visitors.


We hope you enjoy Morocco.com and help support the country's businesses that are ready to serve you!

We appreciate your feedback, patronage, and suggestions.

Team Morocco.com

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    Publisher: Morocco Travel: Your Moroccan Guide for Things to Do, Hotels, Dining, Shopping, Events & more | By Morocco Channel
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    Morocco.com was established in 1995 and was one of the first web sites devoted exclusively to Moroccan travel, business, culture, society, and current events. The site has been exclusively managed by Paley Media, Inc., which has overseen all development, editorial services and design. Morocco.com is strongly branded in the tourism market as the Morocco Channel, and is visited by thousands of users every day, both local and international, looking for tourism-related information. We believe that your business will benefit tremendously from advertising on this extremely popular travel site. Demographics and Targeted Audiences Most of the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to Morocco.com are searching for travel, vacation, and tourism related information. Each day thousands of visitors begin planning their visit to Morocco by searching our site for ideas about where to stay and things to do. Advertising on Morocco.com gets your product or service seen by a focused marketplace of ready, willing and able consumers and reaches the right demographics and highly targeted audiences interested in travel, hospitality, accommodations, entertainment, local activities, and attractions in Morocco. Ad Options Banner Advertising Graphical banners are available at a CPM rate (cost per thousand impressions) or on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. Available Banner sizes: 125 x 125 (click for example) 300 x 250 (click for example) 160 x 600 (click for example) 728 x 90 (click for example) * only available on our Forums Sponsored Ad Units. There are a limited number of selected pages where companies can be presented as Page or Section Sponsors at competitively priced, fixed rates based upon monthly or quarterly campaigns. Click for an example of Sponsored Ad Units Travel Directory - Premium Listings If you are the owner, proprietor or representative of a travel related business in Morocco and wish to have your business promoted to potential customers, travelers and visitors we offer a Premium Business Listing Service that enables businesses reach discrete travel, hospitality and consumer driven categories. Information about our Premium Travel Listing can be found in the Affiliate Section. To see an example of our Premium Service click here. Press kit Please use the form below to contact us and request a press kit.
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