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Find New York City and New York state moving companies and get free quotes and useful tips on making your New York move a success.
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Moving isn't easy, particularly in New York. MovingCompaniesNY.com is a leading resource focused on helping people move to and from New York state and New York City. We've compiled a list of prescreened, quality moving companies that can handle any aspect of your move, along with tips and guides on moving successfully.

MovingCompaniesNY.com is a member of the Relocation.com network. Since its founding in 1999 by Sharon Asher, Relocation.com has seen significant growth and has been profitable since the start. From our offices in New York City’s financial district, our team of dedicated and talented employees is committed to serving both relocating consumers and our marketing partners across the world.

How We Got to This Point
Using the hands-on experience Asher gained as a moving company employee and later a moving company owner, he set out to create a website that would help consumers feel more comfortable and confident when they started out on the stressful process of relocating their families. Sharon saw how challenging it was for consumers, many who were moving for the first time, to understand the complexities of moving and to find reputable moving companies to service their move. He dedicated himself and the company to providing useful information and consumer guides and seeking out quality moving companies across the United States and around the world to assist moving consumers who visited our websites.

His vision and ideas grew as the Company, which started in his basement, began to add employees, new customers and started helping thousands of moving consumers. The company moved into a new office in the financial district and started building an organization that shared his same passion and zeal for helping consumers with their relocation activities. The Company focused its first web development efforts on the physical movement of household goods or the actual move itself and developed some of the Internet’s first websites devoted to relocation – Vanlines.com, Internationalmovers.com and CarMovers.com. These websites, which have now been on the web for over seven years, still remain some of the most visited and respected sites in the moving category and have already helped hundreds of thousands of moving consumers.

The company also has websites focused on real estate (USrealestate.com) and mortgages (Nationalmortgage.com), which continue the goal of providing helpful content and tools for consumers and making it easy for consumers to connect to service providers and products that they need during their relocation. Today, under our newest brand – www.relocation.com – consumers can find the full scope of our content and services.

We have become a growing and successful online media company, with a full complement of talented managers and employees, serving hundreds of thousands moving families monthly. The scope of our services continues to grow as we seek more ways to help consumers find information and connections to products and services across their relocation.

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    Find New York City and New York state moving companies and get free quotes and useful tips on making your New York move a success.
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    Advertise With Us, Moving & Storage Leads - Join Us Today We are committed to giving our customers the highest level of service, so we work only with companies with a solid reputation and a high degree of integrity. We monitor our advertisers for quality assurance in order to protect our customers and promote fair competition between vendors. If you want to be part of our fast-growing network of advertisers, let us know!
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