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Mylaundryonline.com launched for the first time a laundry pickup network that offers online laundry interactive services to laundry vendors, clients and independent house cleaning brokers. Since the our summer launch, it has been steadily growing and creating new online interactive tools for vendor offering laundry pickup service appointments and increasing the number of our users on the network.

Our mission as a company is to provide online laundry services that bridge that gap between those that need a laundry service and those that offer such a service. With a primary goal to help alleviate the household burden of spending a large amount of time washing laundry; as well as creating jobs for both laundry service providers and domestic cleaners that wish to start their own business in this tough economy.

Whatever you are looking for: Laundry, cleaning, washing, detergents, dry cleaners and maids find it all here!

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