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    Advertise With Us Business customers can take advantage of the phenomenal traffic that the Nex-Tech Classifieds generates. We currently see over 17 million hits per month. That is a great opportunity for you to get your name and products viewed. Our banner ads are competitively priced vs. traditional advertising methods. Here are some typical advertising costs for the central Kansas market. Radio = $7/spot Television = $12/spot Newspaper = As much as $1,000 for a full page ad To put it in perspective: You could get a Nex-Tech Classifieds banner ad for as little as... 5 radio spots/mo. 3 television spots/mo. Almost 3 years of banners for the cost of 1 newspaper ad. How to measure your investment: You could get a Nex-Tech Classifieds banner ad for as little as... Web banners are viewed an average of over 30,000 times and clicked 35 times per month. Mobile banners are viewed an average of 13,500 times and clicked 80 times per month. TV banners are viewed an average of 10,500 times per month. (no click stats since you can’t click on the television) Clicks are important since they show customers actively want to know more about your product. You can't get this type of information from a radio, television or newspaper ad. Banner Ad Pricing Information: Web, mobile and tv banners are all priced the same. $30 per month when purchased with a 1 year agreement, $50 per month when purchased with a 6 month agreement, and $70 per month when purchased on a month to month basis. Along with your banner you will also have visibility into how well it is doing. Included with the banner fee you receive a statistics dashboard where you can see the number of impressions and clicks your web and tv banner receives. This dashboard gives you the flexibility to know how your ad is performing by day, week, month or a custom date range. * There are no limits to the number of categories that you can purchase ads for. Please fill out the form below or contact us at mhawks@nex-tech.com
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