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NGVJournal is the portal of NGV Communications Group, leading company in the fields of communication and events organization on natural gas for vehicles and alternative fuels for more than 25 years.

This unique website publishes the most significant and up to date new on this sector, in English and Spanish, which are also e-mailed to over 20 thousand certified contacts and replicated by social networks, what expands its reach exponentially.

The technical features of NGVJournal.com make it possible the optimal view of the site download of its contents from a computer, from tablet pc and smart phones as well. For this reason, you may read the latest news on the segment here and now, wherever you are in the world.

In addition, all our magazines are in digital format in the portal, ready to be downloaded. Also, industry’s statistics updated on a monthly basis, which are source of consultation for companies, experts, public and private organizations.

As a group, our experience dates back to year 1988 –with the first hard copy edition published- while today we have subscribers and clients in over 100 countries of all five continents.

Furthermore, our ample digital platform and the contacts obtained through our work in the industry allow our e-mailing of different messages to thousands of recipients divided into segment, nationality, language, country, etc.
We have offices in Argentina, Italy and Korea. During these last years, we expanded the experience gained through our events to the virtual field and started with live transmissions the highlights of the meetings.

One of our main characteristics is that we offer every day a little more to our readers, exhibitors, sponsors, advertisers. We innovate in order to grow along with them.

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    www.ngvjounal.com gathers all information and statistics on the worldwide activity of NGV market. This is the most complete, up to date and modern portal in the segment, strengthened by the experience and creativeness of NGV Communications Group, its events and magazines: NGVJournal.us, The GVR, Asian NGV Communications, NGV Africa, Prensa Vehicular, and Prensa Vehicular Perú. Its features of total compatibility with computers, tablet pc and smart phones, will facilitate that your banner gets optimal visibility the whole time, what will translate into a rise in your sales.
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