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    I go by the name Staci. Well, November Sunflower does a lot of sharing. I share my thoughts, my observations, my opinions, and I do it all with a lot of honesty, as well as integrity. Writing! I do a lot of it. It’s how I can give my honest observations on everything: clothes, fashion, travel, entertainment, and more! There’s also some video, which often includes my children’s observations about toys, or activities, or whatever they feel the need to express. You’ll sometimes see Mr. November Sunflower. He’s my husband, and he goes by the name Nick. Our little ones are referred to as Little Miss, and The Boy. I may splatter this website with their images, but their names are never shared. Thank you for your interest in working with me! I’m a strategic shopping who doesn’t skimp on quality just to save a few bucks! You can contact me through email at: staci [at] novembersunflower [dot] com OR novembersunflower [at] yahoo [dot] com Advertiser Friendly (I do Product Reviews, too) Thank you for your interest in working with me! I’m a frugal wife/mother living on Long Island. I love doing reviews for products that will help families be more frugal. This does not mean be more cheap, it means finding the best quality products for the best prices. I don’t mind spending money on an item, as long as I know it is worth it and fits into my budget! Primarily, I want to reach my larger audience on Long Island, but I have people from all of the US, Canada and overseas reading my blog for hints, tips and reviews. November Sunflower is always willing to do product reviews, advertising and giveaways. Reviews will be done honestly, whether good, bad or ugly!
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