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Since 2002, Ping! Zine has been offering an exciting and entertaining magazine about the Internet and Web Hosting Industry. Ping! Zine offers Informative stories and articles for your business, Investigative Reports in the Hosting Industry, Information that keeps you Competitive, How-To’s in Security & Server Maintenance and Lots of General FUN.

Ping! Zine features a diverse range of technical and practical articles in each issue. We also provide an archive of all past issues on our website. Whether you want to enjoy the convenience of surfing through the articles while on-line or sitting in your favorite chair reading the latest issues, Ping! Zine is available for you.

To learn more about how Ping! Zine can help your company to build a powerful image, strengthen brand awareness and increase sales opportunities, contact our Ping! Zine Sales Team.

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    Publisher: Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine News and Directory
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    WHY PING! ZINE WEB TECH MAGAZINE As the Longest Running Print Magazine, Ping! Zine provides Superior Market Access to the most influential decision-makers in the Industry. Reaching over 75,000 readers in combination of our print, digital and iPad versions, Ping! Zine attracts audiences far beyond the traditional boundaries of host directories, portals, and forums—attracting executives and consumers from a diverse assortment of Internet and Information Technology related professions and backgrounds. SEVEN REASONS TO ADVERTISE IN PING! ZINE Dynamic Online Portal of News and Information relevant to the Hosting community. Exciting and Informative Blogs by Leaders of the Internet and Hosting Industry. Directly reaching the Industry’s Most Influential Decision-Makers. Strategic Partnerships that create cross platform exposure on a Global Level. Staying power, unlike ad views, your message continues to be reached year around. Each online and print version has consistently received thousands of viewers per month during 2012. Available through Direct Subscription, Affiliate Partnerships, Conventions and online Newsstands. Ping! Zine is the Media Sponsor of several leading Industry Events, guaranteeing lasting coverage for our advertisers. Long recognized as the most read print magazine, sponsorships in Ping! Zine allow our advertisers to reach key personnel that influence the market, create and sustain trends, and inspire innovative ideas that drive the Web Hosting Industry. Through Print, Online, e-Newsletters, Portals and Partnerships, Ping! Zine is the most effective way to reach potential buyers with a readership that is expanding daily. It is our loyal readership that understands the importance of your Sponsorship and impacts their perception of Advertisers, creating consistently more qualified leads for your products and services.
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