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Publisher: PlanetSide Universe - Your #1 source for all things PlanetSide
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    Publisher: PlanetSide Universe - Your #1 source for all things PlanetSide
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    PlanetSide Universe, often abbreviated to "PSU", is one of PlanetSide's oldest and largest fansites. History Owned and operated by Hamma, PlanetSide Universe opened in October of 2002. The original staff of the site was comprised of members of the Tribes community as well as Clan Draconus Lupus. PlanetSide Universe closed August 1, 2005 due to several factors including financial obligations and high interest in exploring other games. January 11th, 2006 saw the return of PlanetSide Universe due to the admins sorely missing the members of the PlanetSide Universe community and with renewed interest in PlanetSide. Internal events The Auraxis Global Network, alongside PSU, played host to Ask the Devs, a monthly ShoutCast featuring a live interview with select members of the PlanetSide development team using questions fueled by submissions from the PlanetSide player-base. This was paralleled with Community Night where members of the PlanetSide community participated in a round table discussion of the current and future state of the game. PlanetSide Universe also ran a feature called the Trial Key Exchange which allowed players to donate their Trial Keys to the database where other players could receive them and try out the game. Over 1000 people were able to obtain free trial keys as a part of the program. Site features Developer Tracker - View the latest official forum Developer posts Forums - Members of the forums have been around for a while, some since the beginning of the original PlanetSide Media - Screenshots and information since the very beginning of PlanetSide Outfit Database - A fresh list of outfits with information on Recruiting, Website, IRC etc. RSS News Feeds - PSU's resources right on your desktop or personal web page KeyExchange - Automated trial/beta key donation and request system
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