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Mobile Ad Network: The Mobile User Acquisition Adnetwork
Mobile Display, Social

We aim to work with the finest, proven partners to deliver app growth and monetization. We leverage the use of smart-technology and information, putting the user at the centre of our thinking.

This approach has ensured that our solutions are seamlessly integrated within apps to achieve high quality engagement and give our customers brilliant ROI.

We focus on delivering sustainable results for our advertisers as well as generating meaningful revenue for our publishers.

Our target business model is CPI – cost per install. We are a performance-based company achieving success by delivering great users to our advertisers. This makes our advertisers into loyal customers.

  • Mobile Display
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  • Mobile Display, Social
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    Mobile Ad Network: The Mobile User Acquisition Adnetwork
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    Managed Service & Self-Service
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    Dating, Gaming, Mobile App Installs, Technology
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    Raftika drives engaged users with high retention rate by handpicking media to your campaigns using advanced targeting options and clean-cut optimization. Raftika will help you to achieve the highest return on your investment. Qualified Users Risk Free Global reach Non incent traffic Engaged users driving high ROI Variety of types of campaigns to choose: burst, ongoing, pre-launch , launch and global Effective ad units Technology Fast optimization Powerful analytics Intuitive dashboard Tracking partners Effective ad formats Support Dedicated Account Managers Global support Full Service Platform Engineers Professional advice Why to Acquire users with Raftika? Cost Efficient Risk-free basis CPI – pay only for real users, not clicks. Dynamic pricing optimization is available. Targeting Using only reliable publishers which are manually approved and handpicked to a specific campaign meeting its needs. In addition target by platform, device, operating system, country, state, city. Your Budget – Your rules Determine the budget, its allocation and flow of your campaign. Full Service Campaigns and Full Support Several dedicated account managers will be assigned to your account assuring support, monitoring of the campaigns and their performance globally. No more do-it-yourself! Select ad formats that work best for you We support in-app banners, interstitials, video, rich media, text, editorials. Management of the campaigns We understand data. Smart monitoring and analytics drives high ROI. Raftika will help you to plan and optimize your campaign. 3rd Party Tracking Raftika is working with variety of 3rd party tracking companies, including Mobile app tracking, Ad-x, Kochava, Appsflyer, Apsalar, Tapstream and Adeven, thus enabling smooth and fast integration.
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    platform, device, operating system, country, state, city

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    Mobileapptracking, Kochava, Appsflyer, Apsalar, Tapstream, Adeven, MobileApp Tracking by TUNE, Adjust
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