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Publisher: Re-QUEST dot Net™ - Online library of internet and reference resources
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    Publisher: Re-QUEST dot Net™ - Online library of internet and reference resources
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    Our original website made its Internet debut in late 1993, long before such websites as Yahoo!, Excite, HotBot, AltaVista and Google were a gleam in someone's eye, our editor's were providing the online community with fast and reliable access to the best Internet and reference resources. In fact, in 1993, the search engine as we know it today did not exist yet and websites were not easily found. Hence, the concept for our website was born. Back in 1993, some ten years ago, Internet users could be measured in hundreds of thousands rather than by the hundreds of millions as today; the web broswer Mosaic ruled the World Wide Web; America Online was operating under its Geo DOS version; Microsoft Windows was in its infancy; computers were functioning with 16 MHz processors; hard drives were all of 10 megabytes; and a 2.4k baud modem was considered light speed. Re-QUEST dot Net™ is popular among students and professionals alike. Our present format has attracted visitors from all around the world wide web and generates not only a steady visitor base but also a steady flow of new referrals. Re-QUEST dot Net™ is written and designed entirely by hand to ensure that it will appear and function in the same way, no matter which web browser a visitor happens to be using (now called cross-platforming). Re-QUEST dot Net™ was also designed to be faster, easier to use, and more concise than other reference web sites now appearing on the Internet. As Re-QUEST dot Net™ continues its growth, we invite you to experience it with us as an advertiser or as a site sponsor. Being an online library of Internet and reference resources, Re-QUEST dot Net™ contains many different content specific pages. For the advertiser, this translates into a targeted audience to whom it can promote its business, products and services which might not be convenient or appropriate elsewhere or randomly on the world wide web. For more information, please feel free to contact our ad management team.
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