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Using redspottedhanky.com Business as your rail travel business solution can help to lighten the load and save your business money.

That's because redspottedhanky.com Business searches across all major UK rail carriers to find the best rates for business travel and delivers them right to your browser.

We offer a great way to control your rail spend and manage all your rail needs.

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    What to expect from redspottedhanky.com Now we've un-wrapped our redspottedhanky across the World Wide Wonderland and made it available to you, we thought that we should tell you why we created the service and what you should expect from us - our commitment to you, our customers. What we're about It has taken a great deal of time and effort from us at redspottedhanky.com and our partners and suppliers to bring this website to you. We want you to enjoy buying your tickets with us, we want to make the experience more fun for you and deliver a service that you can trust in and rely upon. At redspottedhanky.com, we believe in honesty and trust, and we are committed to our customers. We'll give you something back We realise that travel is done for a reason - not many people in the world use trains, planes and automobiles just for the sake of travelling, and we understand these are all means to an end. We believe that we stand alongside many people when we say the mechanism by which travel is sold online is not focused enough on the needs of today's travellers. There is too much focus on the ‘hardware’, whether it is a train, plane or automobile, and not enough focus on the software ‘experience’, customer service or inspiration. At redspottedhanky.com, we believe we have a solution to fix this. We know any lasting solution will require long term commitment, and we're willing to give this to our customers. When you buy a ticket we automatically put you in to our unique Loyalty Club and earn points when you buy through us. You'll then have the power to exchange these points for travel and in future with our partners for leisure or retail products. Let’s be honest, travel is not cheap, and too many businesses seem to forget that there are real people like you, who may not feel like they're getting good value for money. We won't charge you a credit card fee Unlike other travel companies, we won't charge you to use your credit or debit card at redspottedhanky.com. We strongly feel that you already pay the banks enough for having a credit card, so we're not going to double charge you. All business that take credit cards get charged by the banks to process the transaction, but you wouldn't be charged a credit card fee when paying for services at Tesco, Marks & Spencer, BP, Next, Boots and other retailers - so why should you be charged when you use your own electricity and broadband when buying travel tickets, hotels, car hire and event tickets from your home PC? We won't charge a booking fee We retail train tickets impartially and independently for all train operating companies and train journeys in the UK, and now you can book all of your train travel without paying a booking fee.
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