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Seedbuzz.com is a comprehensive web portal went live in 2009, which has been designed as a single window stop shop for all enquires on seeds. We at Seedbuzz offer a vast source of database and customized product offerings for all the stakeholders of the seed industry.We aim to create a network for seed industry and related industries by acting as a convenient bridge between the buyers and sellers. We provide intense research based information for our clients to better drive and enhance their business efficiency. We also enable sales and discussion through forums open to different topics on Seedbuzz. We can give you an edge in the seed industry by providing a multitude of IT services including web solutions to your business. Our competent team of professionals aim to provide exceptional quality of services to our clients backing on our in depth knowledge and experience of the seed industry.

Seedbuzz is a brand under the company “N Buzz Business Solution Private Limited”. The company deals in business of online classifications, review websites, online trading and end-to-end solutions.

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    At Seedbuzz.com, our mission is to empower agriculturists with the wealth of crucial knowledge and extend our customized services, as effective means to cater to the pain areas of seed companies across the world and facilitate the business efficiency of seed companies. We wish to be the reliable source of agricultural news, events, articles, and services with a foresight of a highly efficient, swift and well-connected seed industry. We endeavour to serve as a catalyst for the growth of agriculture, by being a comprehensive web portal and a knowledge hub for people from the agriculture and related backgrounds.
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