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ShopWell is a consumer focused mobile and web startup based in Palo Alto, California. ShopWell is a spin-out from IDEO, the world’s leading global design and innovation firm. The company provides personalized mobile and web resources that help people eat healthier and achieve their health goals.

The iPhone app and website educate people about nutrition, helping them sort through items at the grocery store to find more healthy alternatives that will help meet health goals or manage conditions ranging from weight control to gluten intolerance to high cholesterol, and more.

ShopWell's iPhone has been feature by Apple in the best Apps for Parents and is consistently ranked in the top ten Health & Fitness apps in iTunes.

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    Everyone wants to eat healthier, but who has time to sort through all the confusing and conflicting claims to understand what foods are best? And, is what's best for you the same as what's best for me when I might have a peanut allergy, and you might be seeking high sources of protein? ShopWell empowers people to make better decisions about the food they eat. Why? Because shoppers who know the facts make better choices. Yet understanding what's right for you is difficult in a complex world where few tools exist to help you understand your choices in a simple, practical way. From this realization, ShopWell was born. ShopWell is a free website and mobile app that scores foods on how well they meet your unique needs. With easy-to-understand nutrition information and personalized food scores, ShopWell gives you easy tools to find better products for you and your family. We take the work out of reading nutrition labels so that you can focus on buying what you want as quickly as possible. We help you shop smarter so that you can eat better.
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