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    Thanks for Your Interest! Slow Cooker From Scratch aims to promote healthy slow cooking recipes found on food blogs around the web. Answering Questions from Readers: I'm always interested in hearing from other slow cooker enthusiasts and will do my best to answer questions, but questions about individual recipes should be addressed to the site where the recipe was originally published. How to Leave a Comment: To leave a comment, just click the link that says *Comments* at the end of the post. If you have a website you can choose one of the OpenID choices from the dropdown menu. If you're not registered with one of those choices you will have to create an account at Blogger.com in order to comment. (I used to accept anonymous comments, but due to excessive comment spam I had to stop allowing them.) Type the comment and then click *Publish Your Comment.* The comment will come to me in an e-mail and won't show up on the blog until I publish it, but I will try to respond as quickly as I can. If you prefer to e-mail me directly, see the contact information at the end of this post. Reaching Me Through Social Media: I'm probably not young enough to be a wildly enthusiastic user of social media, but I do check in with Twitter and Facebook a few times each day, and occasionally post to Instagram, and I try to respond to people who reach me there. I can't maintain two twitter or Instagram personas, so if you follow me there you'll also get updates about Kalyn's Kitchen, my primary blog. If you're on Facebook, "liking" the Slow Cooker From Scratch Facebook Page is one way to be sure you'll see every time a recipe is featured on the blog. You can also follow Slow Cooker from Scratch on Google+ if you prefer to get updates that way. About Reviewing Cookbooks or Products: Since the purpose of this site is to promote healthy slow cooker recipes that are already online, Slow Cooker From Scratch doesn't publish cookbook reviews or accept sample products of any type. How to Contact Me: You can write to me at slowcookerfromscratch *at* comcast *dot* net. (That address needs to be converted to regular e-mail format. (I don't always check that e-mail every day, so be patient.)
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