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Publisher: Smart + Strong - POZ - AIDSmeds - Real Health - Tu Salud - Sane - Hep
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At Smart + Strong, we believe that health care is a human right.

Everyone should have access to the information, support and resources that enable them to achieve optimal health—even in the face of life-threatening conditions. Our award-winning work empowers our readers to live their healthiest and longest life possible.

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    Publisher: Smart + Strong - POZ - AIDSmeds - Real Health - Tu Salud - Sane - Hep
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    Mission Statement At Smart + Strong, we know that when you are armed with expert, unbiased health care information; when you are empowered and inspired to advocate for your needs; and when you can connect to others dealing with a similar health condition, you are more likely to survive-and thrive. Smart + Strong's health-focused magazines and websites bring together large, diverse populations to share lifesaving information with them and to serve as platforms for you to tell health care providers, insurance companies, the media, our government and especially each other what it's like to live with—and overcome—a given health challenge. Our vast web of online social networking offers solace for those of you who might otherwise suffer in isolation. It links you to the support, resources and care that can save your life as well as reduce the cost of health care to you, your employer, your health insurance company and our nation. Our online social network includes: online forums that are active 24/7; private, secure, one-on-one mentoring; highly active blogs; and online personals for people interested in dating similarly health-conscious people. Smart + Strong's award-winning magazines and websites are run by talented and dedicated people whose passion for, and personal experiences in, a given disease category garner your trust and inspire you to get involved in being an advocate for your best health. We publish POZ magazine, POZ.com, AIDSmeds.com, Real Health magazine, RealHealthMag.com, TuSalud magazine, TuSaludMag.com, Sane magazine, SaneMag.com and HepMag.com. The information on our websites does not replace the advice of a health professional.
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