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    PR. ADVERTISE. MEDIA. Want to reach us quickly? Tweet us at @somedayilllearn or shoot us an email at thedays@somedayilllearn.com. We look forward to chatting with you! Thank you for your interest in Someday I’ll Learn! We’re thrilled that our family blog has become a resource for others. We’re honored to have been selected as one of Mom.me’s 50 Favorite Mom Bloggers of 2014 and featured on platforms such as the Los Angeles Times, Good Morning America, CafeMom, SheKnows, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and national and local NBC, Fox, CNN and CW channels. We’ve also been hired as contributors for family-focused sites like Disney’s Babble and BabyZone, AT&T Lifetips, Right Start Moms, Tree.com and MotherKnows and have received rave reviews from our partner companies. “You’ve been critical in growing our social media presence/content and helping us to reach influential parents on the web.” – Joe Block, Halos “I love your post, it was so thoughtfully written and informational. You blew my expectations out of the water.” – Stella Rafaelidys, Performics “Thank you for doing amazing work on short notice. I unquestionably would hire you again.” – Jessica Gottlieb, Word of Mouth Women “That it is the best sponsored post that I have ever read. I actually enjoyed hearing about mouthwash and laughed a lot.” – Monica Marino, Marino Bambinos Who’s reading? Our average reader is 25-34 years old, female, American, married with children and is reading from the comfort of her home. Someday I’ll Learn has: 45,000 pageviews per month 25,000 monthly unique visitors 16,500 Twitter followers 10,000 Facebook fans 5,000 Pinterest followers 2,700 Google+ followers 1,800 email subscribers Options Sidebar ads are available in three highly visible sizes. Ad Sizes The Baby (145×145): $100 monthly or $225 for 3 months The Mama (145×290): $150 monthly or $335 for 3 months The Big Daddy (290×290): $200 monthly or $450 for 3 months Sponsored posts are available for $350 and can include product placement and/or a giveaway. Sponsored posts on Someday I’ll Learn feature an in-depth look at the sponsor’s topic while weaving in personal anecdotes about our family’s experience. We do a full photo shoot for every sponsored post, as well as creating pinnable photos and working to thoughtfully engage readers through comments, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ posts. You can see an example of a typical sponsored post we did recently with Disney here. Twitter party management starts at $3000 and includes layout of a Twitter Party script guide for company/brand participation, giveaway prizes, an RSVP blog post, social media shares and online Twitter party promotion as well as supporting hosts for additional reach. Our Twitter parties have received 10MM-30MM timeline deliveries and all trended in the top five nationally. Custom ambassadorships are available. We have worked in-depth with a number of brands to develop broad, engaging campaigns including company blog development, conference sponsorships, intensive platform development on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, retreat events and placement on other blogs. You can also see our Millennial Blogs network for more information on our agency and options for scaling campaigns among a youthful and image-focused demographic. What are you waiting for? Shoot us an email at thedays@somedayilllearn.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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