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Sonia Marsh
Publisher: Gutsy Living - Life's too short to play it safe
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    Publisher: Gutsy Living - Life's too short to play it safe
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    About Sonia Sonia Marsh My name is Sonia Marsh, author of the award-winning Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island, and the founder and editor of the My Gutsy Story® Anthology series. I’m also the “Gutsy” book coach for authors who are not celebrities with a disposable six-figure budget to publish and market their books. I am the writer, the marketer, and the public relations person for my own books. I’m not a celebrity. I’m just like you. So how do you publish and market your books with the integrity of a six-figure budget without having one? You do everything you can to become your own professional marketing department and your own public relations agency while keeping those high standards of professionalism. As an indie author, I know what it takes to promote my own books, and my goal is to empower authors to become their own professional marketing department and their own public relations department so they too can become successful at marketing their own books. I offer Webinars and Workshops, and one-on-one coaching. Sonia’s Life Story My adventure started at the age of three months, when my Danish mom and English dad decided to raise me in Nigeria, a country in West Africa. There I grew up with a Great Dane to protect me from the occasional thief who broke into our family’s colonial house outside Lagos. Sonia with her mom and Skjold, her Great Dane in Tarkwa Bay, Nigeria When I was six, we moved to Paris, and three years later, my parents sent me alone on a plane from Paris to Los Angeles to visit my cousins. In those days planes refueled in Greenland and, thirty minutes after takeoff, I looked out the window and noticed smoke and flames from the jet engine closest to me. When the flight attendant asked me to fasten my seat belt, her face as white as milk, I thought it was part of the entertainment. In 1983, I moved from Paris to California to start new life. I was twenty-five and knew I wanted to live in the U.S. and marry an American. At age 13, I was fascinated by NASA astronauts, and I fell in love with their rich, deep voices. I knew I would marry an American man with an astronaut voice. I met my husband, Duke, in a “gutsy” way: I responded to an ad in a magazine. And, yes, I fell in love with his voice first. I’ve lived in Orange County, California since 1983, except for the year we uprooted our family and took our three sons to Belize, Central America. You can find out more on my Gutsy Book page. I wanted my three sons to experience life in another country; to see how other people live with less. I’m happy to say they turned into well-adjusted young men with a global outlook on life.
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