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Publisher: A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand - Sweet as a Cookie
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    Publisher: A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand - Sweet as a Cookie
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    My name is Karissa Krishart and I’m twenty-one years old. I know what I want, and I will do anything to get there. Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, but I live each day like it’s my last. If I want to bake cookies at one in the morning, I’ll do it. My boyfriend doesn’t complain. 221890_209142232440793_100000350537429_644109_6231174_n I graduated high school in June of 2011 and headed off to college in the fall. We go to college thinking that it’s our only way to make it in the world, but I’m about to prove that thought wrong. I started college as a Forensic Accounting major. To be honest I liked the idea of being called a “forensic accountant” more than anything (the salary didn’t look bad either). It’s a job most people have never heard of and that’s what made me so interested. I don’t follow the crowd, I stand out. My fourth semester of college I realized how miserable my major was making me. I needed to express my creativity. So Sweet as a Cookie was born. I thank college for helping me find my true passion for baking. I always loved baking as a child but never realized how much until college. My plan is to finish college May of 2014 with an associates degree in business administration. I honestly would rather just drop out but I want to feel like I spent my money on something, rather than nothing. Hopefully when I graduate I’ll find a job in a bakery. If I can’t find one I’ll work anywhere to earn enough money to start my own. In my opinion, college isn’t for everyone. College isn’t for those who are creative. We can’t express our creativity finding the derivative of y = 2 x3 – 4 x2 + 3 x – 5 . I can express my creativity through this blog and for that I am grateful. This isn’t how I expected my life to go, but I finally found my passion. Some people stress when they’re in the kitchen, I stress when I’m not. I currently live in Erie, Pennsylvania with my boyfriend of over four years. His name is Kip. We adopted a kitten in November of 2013 and named her Burger. Eventually Kip and I plan on getting married and having children. I can’t wait to teach them how to cook. :) Sweet as a Cookie is where I share unique recipes that I have created myself. I currently am in the process of testing recipes that are gluten-free and vegan. If there are any other types of recipes you would like to see, send me an e-mail and I’ll do my best to figure it out. After exploring my blog deeper you will find that I like to talk about my personal life. I share stories from my past and present.
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