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Publisher: Helping parents navigate the ever changing world of technology
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    Publisher: Helping parents navigate the ever changing world of technology
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    PR Friendly: Reviews & Ads When I was in middle and high school (yes, I am dating myself!) computers were mainly tools for productivity rather than for learning or entertainment. Now they can be interactive devices that facilitate learning by engaging our children. Don’t get me wrong, not everything out there is great. Some of it is fabulous. Lots of it is highly questionable. And the rest is junk. As a parent who is responsible for your child’s earliest learning experiences, how do you separate the fabulous from the questionable, let alone the junk??? This is my goal. As Tech Savvy Mama, this site is my way to help the parents navigate an overwhelming world of technology by providing the best that exists for their children and After all, don’t we want the best for our kids? I know I do! I’m an influential blogger with a strong brand and identity who is knowledgeable about technology as it relates to children and families. I’m always on the lookout for the best technology stuff and welcome pitches for products or services that are geared towards children of all ages and my intelligent readers. Websites, products, services, devices, and applications should be fun, educational, easy to use, or make parents’ lives easier. I spend a great deal of time writing up the products that I mention on Tech Savvy Mama so please don’t send me a cut and paste pitch of a product that I won’t like or doesn’t fit my audience. To get an idea of the things I’m looking for, click here. If you have something that you think I should consider, please send me an e-mail with appropriate links and details, including images. If it is a product, I’ll need one to review and another as a giveaway that you can send directly to the winning reader. Items sent to me for review cannot be returned. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that every item that is sent will be written up on Tech Savvy Mama. If you would like to advertise, please contact me for traffic statistics, available ad sizes, and rates. Graphic and text ad links are available. E-mail: techsavvymama {at} g mail {dot} com Twitter: @TechSavvyMama
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