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    Indians have always been acknowledged for their contribution in spearheading and taking forward technical advancement through out the world. List of such proud Indians may start from very early times with scientists like Aryabhatta (Front-runner in the era of Indian Mathematics) to very latest contributions by Vinod Dham (Father of Pentium chip) and many many more. However, the irony is that India itself never gets a bite of the latest technological advancements being made elsewhere worldwide. Be it the launch of 3G mobile services, getting the latest gadgets like mobile phones, laptops etc., using DTH services on their televisions – India has always been a backbencher. I agree there are lot of reasons why Indians couldn’t get to enjoy such latest technologies – small market, no business advantage, technical backwardness. But I believe that it was a era that has past now. Today, there seems to be no reason India should stay behind any other part of the world in providing its people access to the latest technologies, gadgets, and instruments as and when they appear on the block. With the user base even for the most high-end technologies swiftly growing in India, It will encourage even the business houses to make efforts in this direction. As the consumers of these offerings, we also need to do our homework on what is latest, good, and useful for us. With such understanding, we will be able to make best use of what we buy and may even be able to demand for it if it is not available. This forum aims at helping India users in doing this homework, sharing news, updates, and reviews on latest gadgets, electronics and technology , highlighting what they have in store for a user, and what limitations one may face while using them in India. We will try to keep your technical awareness up-to date and will also try to show you what you may be missing being in India. The aim of our endeavour will be achieved only when we hear regularly from you and are able to develop some eagerness among the Indian users to get the maximum benefit of available opportunities. The TechKnowBits team hopes you enjoy your time here on our site and would love it if you visit us again.
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