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    Publisher: Small Business News | Events | Weather | Classifieds | Forums
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    heck us out. (We may be just what you're looking for...) Upon it's inception, was conceived as a small business resource and directory that could act as an answer to high dollar advertising solutions in the state of Alaska. With SEO and on-line presence being as important as it is, (even in a market as unique as this one), we felt as though smaller business owners were getting lost in the shuffle. You might have a great idea, and a great product, but don't have the funds set aside for marketing. This is a common problem every modern business owner has to contend with. That said, the idea was fairly simple. Create a platform for business owners, and local industry professionals to speak directly to their target audience, and let the content generated from that drive others to the site to read about it. We call it self propelled marketing. It's not a new idea, by any means, but a powerful one nonetheless and one that becomes increasingly stronger the more businesses participate. Along with these non traditional marketing opportunities, we offer a variety of other more traditional (and cost effective) advertising solutions. The most powerful one being our comparative business directory. Each business listing that is housed on our directory produces a vast amount of unique web addresses that make finding your business extremely easy in search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. These listings are fully customizable, and users can embed things like RSS feeds, Social Networking Widgets, and just about anything else you can think of into them. It's like a social network page for your business. These listings can be compared, contrasted, reviewed, and shared. The price for a premium listing on our directory is $55.00 per year. In addition to all of the above, we offer traditional ad space in the form of a 728 X 90 ad banner, (the one right next to our name at the top of every web page), and a 350 X 300 banner, (the ones that show up to the right of our major pages). For a complete list of rates and opportunities please visit our rate page here. It is also on this page that you can submit articles, press releases, or blog postings that you wish for us to post on the site. Every piece of original content that we run gets syndicated through "Repost" . This means that if you're a real estate agent with some great tips for home buying, or a baker that wishes to share your experiences in starting a business with the world, we can make sure your work reaches the maximum amount of readers whether they are on our site, or not. This year, we've enjoyed an exponential amount of growth and development and have had the pleasure of watching a small idea develop into something much more powerful. We are proud of what we've accomplished thus far, and would sincerely like for you to grow right along with us. Thanks for stopping by and reading a little bit about us.
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