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The Curvy Carrot
Publisher: The Curvy Carrot | Healthy and Indulgent Meals Dangling in Front of You
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    Publisher: The Curvy Carrot | Healthy and Indulgent Meals Dangling in Front of You
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    Hi-I’m Shanon. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to a little piece of my world. The Curvy Carrot. My “side project.” My cathartic release. My labor of love. Scout. Scout. I’m currently a 30-something food lover, living in beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (i.e. eating my way through the various cheeses and local foods of the area…love it). By day, I am a physician…extending my love of art into my day to day life….I look at skin biopsies under the microscope for a living, which I think is much pretty the coolest thing ever. By night and weekend, I am spending time with my boxer brindle, Scout, my two cats, Cosmo and Jinx, and probably listening to music while baking/cooking away in my kitchen for my friends and co-workers. I’ve got post-it notes with recipes and ingredients in my pockets everyday, drawings/designs all over my paperwork, and food pretty much on the brain at all times..when I am not thinking about skin/medicine or how incredibly amazing life in general is. Cosmo. My philosophy on food: I don’t eat meat. I eat eggs every so often, I drink milk rarely, and I inhale cheese. I eat seafood every once in a while. I’m not a vegan, although I do try to post recipes that are vegan-friendly and sometimes I will experiment for weeks on a vegan diet (which, inevitably gets interrupted by a piece of glorious, melty cheese.). And, in the meantime, I try to keep it as healthy as possible. I treat myself (sometimes a lot). Because life is too short to not enjoy amazing food. And because of my love for food and photography (and some gentle nudging..ok…prodding by my best friend, Annie), I started this blog in 2010 to form a creative outlet and share some of my family and favorite recipes with you. My philosophy on blogging: Blogging is an individual thing. It’s not about hits and impressions, comments, Twitter/Facebook followers or accepted submissions on Tastespotting or Foodgawker. I strongly believe in only doing something if it’s fun and healthy for you-not because it’s a competition or something that stresses you out. Which is why you won’t see me posting something every.single.day. I only post recipes that I have tried and loved…and there are a lot that I don’t post because they aren’t recipes that I really liked. I believe in the ever-growing community of food bloggers/foodies out there because it makes the world of food lovers and recipe sharers a little bit smaller. And that’s a pretty darn good world. I’m glad to be a part of it. And, as a side note: I just have to say how amazing Milwaukee is as far as a place for foodies. Watch this city, people. It’s an up and coming culinary treasure. Jinx aka “The Girl” Many of you have asked, so I will tell you: I’m self-taught. No food training. No formal photography training. I use a used Canon Rebel DSLR and white cardboard (and hopefully good natural lighting.) My neighbors probably think I am weird because they see me climbing over various pieces of furniture in order to get a decent angle, and they probably wonder why my smoke alarm goes off constantly (because it does inevitably when my oven temperature is set to 400 degrees.) I like to keep it simple. And delicious.
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