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    Advertising Opportunities If you would like to get your message or product out to a captive audience of girls and women from the ages of 11 and up, please see our different opportunities below: Because of the nature of our site and our audience, we like to present these things to them in the form of: 1. Sponsored Reviews- You send us your product (music, phone apps, nailpolish, shoes, whatever), we use it, we’ll have one of our staff write a review about it. OR You have a live event or movie or show you’d like us to attend, let us know- we do reviews! 2. Sponsored Posts- YOU write the story, we bring it to our audience. 3. Featured Products- You have an awesome item that our girls need to know about? Send it over and we’ll feature it in a story, Facebook Post, Instagram, or Tweet – or as a “Product of the Day”. 4. “Friends of”- On our sidebar we link to organizations and people that we love, and love us back. 5. Event Sponsor- Want your brand in front of our girls, in the flesh, for them to enjoy and/or take home? We are happy to partner with you for our Live Events. There are many ways we can do this at the event, we do “swag bags” full of goodies for the girls that attend, we also supply them with lunch, and we have opportunities for booths or tables to be set up, really limitless opportunities. Please email LovelyProjectFreedom@gmail.com for more info.
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