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The Olathe News
Publisher: Homepage | www.theolathernews.com
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    Publisher: Homepage | www.theolathernews.com
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    Mission: The mission of The Olathe News is to be a fair, honest and accurate information source for our dynamic community. Our business exists to serve readers and advertisers, while supporting our community through our news, commentary and philanthropic endeavors. Founded: The roots of The Olathe News are as old as Kansas itself. In 1861, John Francis began Olathe's second weekly newspaper, The Mirror, which voiced opposition to slavery. The competing 5-year-old Olathe Herald supported slavery. Late one night in 1862, rebel raider William C. Quantrill and his men rode through town, intent on burning The Mirror's office. But when morning dawned, Olathe residents discovered the raiders had destroyed the wrong newspaper. The Mirror bought what was left of the Herald. In 1921, the weekly Johnson County Democrat was founded; in 1959, John P. Harris, bought both newspapers and combined them into the town's first daily. The Olathe News rolled off the press April 5, 1960. Five different publishers guided the newspaper under Harris Enterprises until 1998, when it was sold to Tim O'Donnell. Knight Ridder acquired The Daily News in April 2000. In 2004, the newspaper was renamed The Olathe News. In 2006, McClatchy acquired The Olathe News in its purchase of Knight Ridder. On April 1, 2009, The Olathe News combined operations with The Kansas City Star. The Olathe News has independent subscribers, but also serves as the Olathe zone edition of The Kansas City Star.
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