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    We currently have two options for advertising on our site. They are both "banner spots," which is just an area on every page of the site where advertisements, or "banner ads," are displayed. The way it works is pretty simple. We take your banner ad and place it on our server with our other banner ads. Every time someone looks at a page on our site, our system goes and randomly selects a banner to show them. (This is called an impression) This happens almost 9,000,000 times a month! All of our banners are "click-able," so whenever it is clicked by a site user they will be taken to whatever destination you designate. We also provide you with a link where you can check your banner's stats up to the second. It keeps track of all the clicks and impressions your banner receives. You can change the actual banner any time you want, all you have to do is email it to us and we will replace your current one with the new one. This is good if you have a store that has frequent sales or events. Banner Location Options Option 1: 468 x 60 Banner in top right corner $250 per year (over TWO million impressions guaranteed!) Option 1 is what we refer to as our "value" option. It is priced "per year" and is guaranteed to provide at least 2,000,000 impressions but in most cases will far exceed that. This option is great for small businesses. Where else could you get your business or product in front of so many people for so long for only $250! Option 2: 728x90 banner centered below header $500 per million impressions ($50 per 100k) Option 2 is our "Big Banner" spot. It is great for advertising an event or a new product. You pay per impression for this spot and it is displayed at the top of the forum right in the center. These banners can be set to display only in certain forums so you aren't paying for areas that have nothing to do with your product or event.
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