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Publisher: The Pretty Bee - Allergy friendly recipes, gluten free and vegan desserts.
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    Publisher: The Pretty Bee - Allergy friendly recipes, gluten free and vegan desserts.
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    Hello, I’m Kelly. I write about the food we eat, the crafts we make, and the daily happenings at our house. My two little boys have quite a few food sensitivities and allergies, and I’ve had to adapt the way that I cook and think about food in the last few years. Most of my recipes are gluten free, dairy free, vegan or all three. Because of our dietary needs, I cook a lot, and my blog has evolved into an allergy friendly food blog. I blog to share my recipes with other families who might be struggling with food sensitivities. It was difficult for me to figure out what to cook when I first eliminated gluten, then dairy, then eggs, then corn, then…you get the idea. My goal is to provide delicious and easy recipes that will help families with food sensitivities or allergies enjoy cooking and eating again. I love to cook and eat, and have many fond memories from my childhood of my mom’s delicious recipes. Even though my kids can’t eat certain foods, I want everything they do eat to be healthy and delicious. And I want them to be able to eat “kid food”: mac ‘n cheese, ice cream, cup cakes, and pizza. I might have to try a little bit harder to make these dishes both safe and tasty, but that’s okay. It can be done, and when I come up with a recipe that we love, I share it here with you. Sometimes readers ask if they can substitute real eggs or dairy in my recipes. If that is your preference, you should be able to do so. For example, if my recipe calls for a flax egg, you should be able to use a regular egg. If I use non-dairy milk, you can substitute the milk of your choice. If you want to make sure you don’t miss a post, you can subscribe right here. My husband Darryl is a jazz pianist. I’m a professional violinist, and still freelance with orchestras, but after I had my first son, I found that I didn’t want to be away from him. I needed another way to supplement our family’s income, so I started making jewelry and selling it in my Etsy shop. It’s a joy to be able to make things that my customers love to wear, and it’s a huge blessing to be able to do so right from my (now updated!) studio. God has been so good to our family. I love to be home with my family, and I love to cook, and I love to be creative. And I like to share my ideas and recipes with you. Thanks for reading. If you have a question, you can email me at theprettybee[at!]gmail.com or leave it in the comments. I do my best to respond to each one. Why is my blog called The Pretty Bee? Because my shop logo is a honey bee, and I make pretty jewelry! Since this blog started out as a way to connect with my customers, The Pretty Bee seemed like the natural name. You can read my Disclosure Statement HERE. Selected press mentions can be found HERE. If you are a brand interested in a partnership/product review/recipe development, please contact me. My recipes have been featured on: Food Gawker | Finding Vegan
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