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    about The Story Behind This, That & Life Around September 2010, my husband and I had moved into our new home with little money left to furnish it (common story, right?). I had found my dream master bedroom bed. Pottery Barn’s Farmhouse Canopy Bed……I quickly came to the realization that $1300+ was just never going to happen, and I felt quite convicted that even if I ever did have that much to spend on a bed, I just didn’t feel comfortable with that. That’s just me! Enter Google Image Search – “Knock off Pottery Barn Bed”. Through this search I stumbled across a fantastic website now called www.Ana-White.com. Some of you know this site well…you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, go check it out! Little did I realize at that time exactly how much it would change my perspective on my home, interiors, and the many options that are out there today. I had just begun to really buy items through Craigslist…but building what I needed??? This was new. And my husband and I went through the experience of designing and building our home together, not to mention my husband is the most amazingly skilled guy ever, SO we had ALL kinds of tools. There was just really no reason not to try. As I was going through many trials as a young mom and various health issues, this really is what sparked the creativity inside of me, and somehow, led me to here at TT&L. The past year I’ve worked under the name RustiChic, and just recently chose to really expand into TT&L, which feels much more “me”. I couldn’t be more excited! So, a little more about me: My husband and I were married 10 years ago, June 29th, 2002, and we live in a beautiful city just north of Seattle, WA. We have 3 amazing kiddos, Annabelle, Lauryn, & Michael who I’m thankful to be home with each day. Right out of high school, I studied interior design for a year, but then changed my major to Music Ministry at a Christian College. I certainly don’t regret it, but find it ironic that my love of design never left me. Well……that was 10 years ago! One of these days, I’ll record something and stick it on here, but really…I have a crazy passion for music, writing, singing, playing the piano, and worship ministries through our local church. (www.canyoncreekonline.com) I love spending time with friends and family at each other’s homes, with good food and conversation, yet never pass up the opportunity to just be alone in quietness. I believe that everyone has a story. Full of ups, downs, and in-betweens. Joys and heartache. Trials and successes. I hope that this attitude and understanding will help this site be fun, but also encouraging, since none of us ever really “have it all together”. I hope you visit with me often on this journey at This, That, & LIFE!
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