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Publisher: Tripawds Blogs Community Canine Cancer Dog Amputation Recovery Tips Help Advice Information
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    Publisher: Tripawds Blogs Community Canine Cancer Dog Amputation Recovery Tips Help Advice Information
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    Tripawds® is the largest and oldest online support community for animal amputees and their humans. We have more than 12,000 members between our website and social media channels, with more members joining every day. We better the lives of pet parents around the globe by providing legitimate, scientific and helpful information about life on three legs. Each day our dedicated pet guardian members come here to participate in discussions about pet health, comfort and mobility. A few of the topics we regularly address include: Coping with a bone cancer diagnosis in dogs & cats. The ups & downs of amputation recovery & ongoing care. Rehabilitation therapy tips for keeping pets healthy & strong. Diet, nutrition & supplements for dogs & cats in all health stages. Providing an exceptional quality of life for all animal companions. Helping people cope with the loss of beloved pets. Tripawds At A Glance Each day, our enlightened and educated members from around the globe provide extraordinary support to one another. At any given moment, a pet parent finds hope and inspiration after receiving the dreaded news that their animal must lose a limb to alleviate pain and improve their quality of life. “Your support makes a big difference. Part of it is being able to share a love for our dogs that many of our friends/family may not understand, especially the extent we will go to in our efforts to prolong a quality life for them. The other part is being able to share experiences…We all approach it differently so being able to bounce ideas off each other and hear others experiences is very helpful.” — Magnum’s Mom Tripawds.com is an ever-growing network with thousands of registered members from around the world who engage with each other on a daily basis. Their locations range from North America to Canada, Australia to the United Kingdom, Germany and beyond. Six plus years of Tripawds News blog archives Seven featured blogs for helpful gear, nutrition tips & more 6,250 registered members with more joining every day More than 775 content-rich member blogs 100,000+ discussion forum posts Live members-only chat room YouTube channel with more than 2 Million views Bi-weekly Tripawds News newsletter Monthly Tripawd Talk Radio program Popular Facebook page, Twitter following and Pinterest boards As Seen on PBS PBS: Nature, Why We Love Cats And DogsTripawds founders Jim and Rene were featured with Jerry, founder of Tripawds.com, in “Nature, Why We Love Cats and Dogs.” The show first aired on PBS in 2009 and continues to be seen in syndication today. Jim Nelson was also featured in a 2012 episode of Who Let The Dogs Out, filmed on location at the BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the segment he explains his passion for Tripawds, and how the community has grown over the years. Jim presented the popular Facebook session at the 2014 BlogPaws pet blogging and social media conference in Henderson Nevada. Both Jim and Rene presented the brunch keynote for the 2011 Take A Bite Out of Canine Cancer Conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Prior to launching Tripawds in 2006, together they managed the full service marketing communications and graphic firm they grew for ten years from their home in Eureka, California. Today, they continue to travel the country with spokesdog Wyatt Ray operating Tripawds from their mobile headquarters, making them available for regional events and speaking engagements. Why Align Your Brand With Tripawds? Tripawds pet parents will go to great lengths to provide an exceptional life for their animal companions. Our community has grown exponentially since our founding in 2006 and we are presently partnering with a limited number of remarkable, animal-centric brands seeking to create a higher level of engagement with our sophisticated membership base. We offer much more than your typical “advertising” programs at Tripawds: engaging with our members and followers is much more effective. Rather than just placing banner ads and text links, we allow select brands to create a lasting impression by aligning their message with the Tripawds mission. Custom-tailored Tripawds partner campaigns can encompass many avenues for outreach, such as. Bi-weekly Tripawds News Opt-in Email Newsletter Co-branded Multimedia & Product Review Videos Custom Content Development Tripawd Talk Online Radio Show & Podcasts Live Speaking Engagements Event Marketing & Special Appearances Sponsored Articles & Give-aways Social Media Outreach & More! How to Engage with The Tripawds Community We have a limited number of engagement opportunities available for the right brands. Every campaign is customized to effectively introduce your products and touch the lives of our members. Let’s talk about the possibilities—from showcasing your brand in our twice-monthly, opt-in newsletter, co-branded multimedia, and special event marketing, to speaking engagements and social media outreach campaigns.
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