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Ever since TVLine was announced, a lot of people have come to Michael Ausiello and me with one main question: “Why another website about TV? And when is The Unit coming back? And how do you both have such nice hair? And what’s up with the whole Smurfs thing? And will there be a podcast? And when is Tru Calling coming back? And what do you think of Vanessa Bayer’s SNL impression of Miley Cyrus? It’s, like, pretty cool, right?”

The short answer is that this Internet thing seems to be catching on. As a result, you have been finding yourself with more and more entertainment news sites to surf. In turn, your time spent online is becoming increasingly valuable.

That is precisely why we created TVLine.com — to help TV enthusiasts cut through all the clutter and find a happy place where, more often than not, you will want to read most every post. Because mark my words, every story you find here is about TV. What’s coming up on your favorite shows? Who’s hired? Who’s fired? Why, oh why, did the writers kill off so-and-so?! When, oh when, will Castle and Bones hook up?! Wait, what?

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