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    Publisher: VirtualWayfarer – Travel Stories and Advice
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    Expertise Inquiries Welcome to VirtualWayfarer. As an active voice in the travel community I am always available for press inquiries and welcome your outreach. I have done the gambit from radio interviews to industry expertise inquiries and more conventional Q&A sessions. If you have a question, request or inquiry please don’t hesitate to reach out. Press Trips I’m always interested in potential opportunities to learn more about your region, city, or local destination. I’m a US Expat based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and as a result can easily cover most European destinations. However, I’d also be thrilled to cover other non-European destinations. This blog is about global travel and as a result I’m happy to explore opportunities anywhere in the world. My preferred mode of travel is solo-independent and my target demographic is 20-40 year olds. However, due to the photo and video centric nature of my content/current syndication agreements many of my readers come from the 40+ demographic and enjoy very mixed travel styles and approaches. I’m very open to new experiences, and believe strongly that this blog is about showcasing those experiences, not conforming to a rigid identity or niche. Public Relations & Product Proposals I would love to work with your client – or, if I’m not the right fit make sure you find the blog and blogger who is. I’m very relationship focused and am eager to develop long-term relationships with you and your brand. While I’m open to one-off collaborations, I’m also seeking more long-term partners interested in engaging on a re-occurring basis. If you or your Company are interested in arranging a special promotion, give away, or sample trip please keep in mind that all proposals should be relevant to this website and to my readers. I am open to product/trip/sponsored giveaways so long as the process is transparent, up front, and clearly identified. Advertising This website offers a variety of on-site advertising opportunities. If you would like to make a proposal, or request advertising options, fees and formats please contact me by e-mail.
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