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MADE.COM is on a mission to offer great design direct from the makers.

There's now over 200 of us and we are still hiring new talents every week

Our philosophy is to leverage the Internet to apply the economy of scale in manufacturing, so that even the most beautiful and high-end design will eventually become accessible and affordable to every one.

We started MADE with the belief that we will be able to revolutionise the home furnishing industry, which is gigantic in size but extremely opaque and slow moving. Attitude and courage are the qualities with which we think we are making a difference

Here are a few of our values,


Attention to detail:

It’s the passion and care that have built our company and our brand.

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    Publisher: We Made That | Family Fun for Everyone!
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    ADVERTISING We Made That is a growing family oriented blog that started in October of 2011 and has grown fast. We have been featured on several other blogs and are still featured on several sites each week. Ad Space We Made That would love to provide your business or site with an excellent advertising experience. We are a family oriented site, and would like all advertisements to reflect our child and family friendly attitude. All advertisements will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis. The following prices are for a month long advertisement on the right side bar of We Made That. Small Spot $12.00 Included in the price is a shout out on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. We can also host a free giveaway for you, which includes a post outlining your giveaway and site information. We request that We Made That is provided with the same item being given away for any subsequent giveaways. We would also be happy to consider button swaps with blogs with a comparable number of followers/page views* All prices are subject to change based upon site growth. Advertisers will be given, at least one month’s notice of any price changes. Product Reviews We Made That will gladly provide a free product review in a feature post. You must provide us with a sample (to keep) of the product to be reviewed. If you feel your product will be of interest to our readers please contact us. Giveaways We Made That is open to hosting giveaways for blogs and sites which are not current sponsors as well. We request that we are provided with the same item being given away, which will enable us to write a post to accompany the giveaway announcement. Thank You for taking the time to review this information, please feel free to contact us at wemadethatta@gmail.com. Thanks Tracey
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